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The name is Victoria...or Lydtoria as Tyler Posey has nicknamed me. I am an artist and the world is my canvas. I'm a 25yr old Cosplayer best known for Cosplaying Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf, but I Cosplay so many other characters from different movies/shows as well. Check out my Cosplay page below! XD

VintageVampyre Cosplay:

    Here comes the bride!

    Are you ready for the Outlander wedding?

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    Ruby and Gabriel argue over who is better for Sam... →

    With the upcoming 10th Season of Supernatural, we decided to bring some of our favorite deceased characters back to life…

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    VintageVampyre Cosplay:

    Cosplayer Pip:

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    Hey there! We are Gloria & Sani from TWOS, and we’re doing a giveaway of Lydia’s Studio M cardigan & Ralph Lauren skirt in your preferred size from season 4 episode “Time of Death”. XS-XL available for both the skirt and cardigan.

    We wanted to spread the news that we’re trying to raise money by donations to meet each other at a con which you can read in detail here (and we also have an IndieGoGo running for donations as well, with perks if you prefer), but you don’t have to donate to enter the giveaway. 

    Giveaway Rules

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    • giveaway ends on 20th of September, 9pm EST

    Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions,

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