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The name is Victoria...or Lydtoria as Tyler Posey has nicknamed me. I am an artist and the world is my canvas. I'm a 25yr old Cosplayer best known for Cosplaying Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf, but I Cosplay so many other characters from different movies/shows as well. Check out my Cosplay page below! XD

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    What does it mean to be happy? To be content in the world around you? Mom used to say it was family. That family was the heart of everything, even existence. Without it, there’s nothing. She would always have these simple answers that somehow would sound so brilliant. And then she died. My father died along with her. Shortly after that, my brother David had to sell the farm where we grew up. Now we’re just trying to be an ordinary family. Trying to figure out where we fit in the world. And for me, I’m trying to figure out where I belong, right now in this exact moment.

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    Dracula Retold: From Gothic Horror To Tragic Hero

    Did you know Bela Lugosi’s Dracula didn’t have fangs?

    Have you ever wondered where that recurring reincarnation/romance subplot came from that wasn’t in the book?

    An infographic designed for, written by Jimm McShane.

    (View the full version here.)

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    You think you know the story of Dracula? You have no idea. Dracula Untold, now playing. Tickets and showtimes.

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    Here comes the bride!

    Are you ready for the Outlander wedding?

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